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About Us

Neuro Digital is a computing centre powered by high performance GPUs in the fields of artificial intelligence, deep learning, virtual reality and Blockchain.

In GPU computing, the graphic processing units (GPUs) run in conjunction with a central processing unit (CPU) to accelerate applications. The graphic processing unit speeds up applications running on CPUs by offloading some of the more time consuming and computationally demanding parts of the application code.

Our Mission


Preventing illness. Building smart cities. Revolutionizing data analysis. Such new projects and many more have been made possible thanks to new technologies such as AI, Deep Learning and data science.

GPU computing power now enables companies to transform challenging concepts into tangible results.

Fields of Application

By renting cloud space on its AI dedicated servers, Neuro Digital optimizes Deep Learning training programs for its clients. As neural networks that harness Deep Learning are becoming increasingly more complex, training times have increased significantly, which reduces productivity and leads to higher operating costs. GPU technologies accelerate AI training times, and enable a quicker collection of usable data, while reducing costs and improving return on investment.

Image Recognition

Extracting data from images in order to file them, to identify elements or create richer documents is increasingly necessary in many areas. Medical imaging, social networks, public safety and protection for example.

Situation Analysis

In some cases, real time is an important factor, where an effective response is required in various or unexpected situations; for instance, as pertains to self-driving cars or web traffic analysis. This is where deep learning comes into play, training neural networks, which then learn on their own through a training process.

Human Interaction

In the past, people learned to communicate with machines. We are now in an era where machines are learning to communicate with people. Be it through voice recognition or identifying emotions through sound and video, technology allows us to push the boundaries of these interactions and create a myriad of new possibilities.

Why Choose Us ?

In the neural network industry, GPUs outperform CPUs by more than 400 times. Artificial or computing neural networks are valuable tools for advancing artificial intelligence or voice or sound recognition. They also enable us to simulate the learning processes of the human brain.



Quick deployment of GPU.one guarantees that the critical infrastructure will be up and running in 60 to 90 days. Your project will be operational ahead of schedule and under budget.


Unbeatable Price

Canada has the most affordable rates for electricity. For our clients this means significant savings. Also, the electricity produced for our data centre is generated using hydroelectricity (in addition to a dam surplus), which represents an environmentally friendly and renewable resource.


GPU Dedicated Servers

With access to the GPU server, you can easily configure and manage the computing power of your entire platform. No virtualization and no sharing means that all the GPUs run your applications at world-class speed.

Price. GPU Dedicated Server.

206 USD
$ / MO
Charging $2103 USD per year
  • Nvidia GeForceGTX 1080ti (11gb)
  • Intel 12 core (24 vcpu)
  • 64gb Ram
  • 1gb nvme
  • Canada
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372 USD
$ / MO
Charging $3798 USD per year
  • Nvidia GeForceGTX 2080 (11gb)
  • Intel 12 core (24 vcpu)
  • 256gb Ram
  • 2gb nvme
  • Canada
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363 USD
$ / MO
Charging $3704 USD per year
  • 48cpu (96 vcpu)
  • 192gb Ram
  • 1gb nvme
  • Canada
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Do you need a GPU for your research / project? Whether it’s for deep learning or any other computing power need, you can now rent a GPU server at a reasonable price.

Contact us if you cannot find a configuration to meet your needs or if you do not know which GPU / server to get.

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